English Driving Question: Does The Great Gatsby portray the American dream as a fool’s errand, or an attainable goal?
History Driving Question: Does America’s emerging global role contradict its founding ideals?

In U.S. History I can...
1. I can explain the rise of the U.S. as an international power.
2. I can analyze domestic events that prompted attacks on and advancement of civil liberties during the 1920’s.
In English 11 I can...
2. I can choose my words carefully and vary my sentence structure to evoke a specific mood in my writing.
3. I can use credible research to defend or argue against a specific perspective or viewpoint from a piece of literature.
5. I can identify two or more themes of a text and analyze the development of each theme, including how they interact and build on one another, adding complexity to the text.

The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis Questions:

U.S. World Affairs/The Great Gatsby Magazine Project:

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