Slaughter House Five-WWII

English Driving Question:In what ways do war and massacre you question the reality and sincerity of life?
History Driving Question:How did America's role before, during, and after WWII shape the modern world?

In English 11 I can...

1. I can use credible research to defend or argue against a specific perspective or viewpoint from a piece of literature.
2. I can identify two or more themes of a text and analyze the development of each theme, including how they interact and build on one another, adding complexity to the text.
3. I can evaluate the influence of historical context on a variety of literary works.
4. I can explain the meaning of bias and give specific examples of how it affects the choices an author makes.

In U.S. History I can...

2. I can identify and explain the causes and outcomes of WWII.
3. I can analyze and clearly interpret primary documents, historical data, charts, maps, historical imagery (i.e., political cartoons, propaganda, etc.), and explain its historical significance.

Slaughterhouse-Five Literary Analysis Questions:


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WW II Team WebQuest
1. Create a map of the major battles of WWII. For each location (Midway, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Battle of the Bulge) include:
a. The countries involved
b. The strategy for each side
c. The outcome
2. Draw a picture representing aviation, weaponry, and communication. Under each picture, list the WW II major developments in each category.
3. Draw the face of Jackie Robinson and inside or around the image list three major political developments of African American during the 1940’s.
4. Draw the face of Rosie the Riveter and inside or around the image list three major developments in how women participated in the workforce.
5. Draw a symbol of each of the following U.S. Regimens (Tuskegee Airmen, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and Navajo Code Talkers. For each symbol list:
a. The name of the regimen
b. What makes them special
c. How they helped the U.S. and Allies win the war

Play the Submarine Game:

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